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A hand on the road

In general the protection instititions in Colombia,give special atention to people in   threat conditions, violation and disregard of their rights, and problems of addiction.Proyects  aimed at promoting social reintegration and construction of the project of life of the users, and guarranting  restoration of their rights.

Non the less  for many returning to the social environment, is that stage of reintegration in which often lack the support they need to continue their process. They don’t find  support from their families.They do not have enough tools to continue their life project or just do not feel able to carry out any productive activity. It is at this time where high levels  of criminal behavior, addiction, commercial sexual exploitation, in the population of female graduates of  institutions for the protection and rehabilitation are identified.

Institutions by the high demand of service and attention, sometimes do not have enough resources to provide support and monitoring more than six months of graduation. Aspects that promote relapse rates or become situations of rights violations and / or illegal activities. Thus it was born the project A Hand on the Road, which is a pilot design that aims to address this situation as an alternative response.



Towards meeting its missional purpose, the corporation Dreams and Foot Prints of Tomorrow in his mission to guide and support the population at social risk, threat and / or vulnerable, to direct his life project for the realization and self-improvement for social welfare.And the Colombian Friends Foundation, which has as its mission to help the street children of the city of Medellin to make a decent future, establishing an alliance whose purpose is to promote the process of social reintegration, through monitoring and supervision of young men and women aged between 16 and 22 years.Graduated of protection and rehabilitation Programs for comsumption of psycho active sustances.


Aims to provide support in the process of reintegration into the social and productive environment conducive to the reduction of relapse in the consumption of SPA,  admission or readmission to prostitution and sexual exploitation of young female teenagers graduates from protection institutions from the Valle de Aburra area. Through a monitoring program social and family support.

Avoiding risky behaviors that affect the progress achieved through individual and group activities, focused on training and productive entrepreneurial workshops, to help them consolidate a social reintegration and labor contributing to the reduction of poverty by working with young people and their families.

What is sought after with the project, is to guarantee during the first year of completion of the therapeutic process, the provision of educational and productive tools to take hold in the younger family member inclusion, but also provide beneficiaries and their family members workforce, development that allows them a better family cohesion, promoting relations of brotherhood, tolerance and promotion of their life plan.



• Strengthen family ties in pursuit of a better projection and personal wellbeing.

• Provide academic and occupational tools and elements that allow them to gain a foothold in the productive inclusion into society and family.

• Promote the development of social-emotional skills that promote interpersonal relationships and promote their life project.

• Acquisition of tools for the proper management of the income earned by running an organized and complete budget.

• The acquisition of basic study skills, reading comprehension and possible link to educational provision according to interests and possibilities from the context.

Training in the various aspects that make the link in working life.

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