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Become a Sponsor

The Corporation is responsable to issue the certificate of the sum of the annual donation support, and send quarterly reports on the progress and achievements of the sponsored child. Likewise we will be ready to support them in the supply information for activities that promote the commitment of the members of the web of love and other potential benefactors.

The Net of Love by assuming the whole process of a boy or girl of the proyect,would have the posibility to maintein direct contact with the sponsored child.

Under speciffic conditios and restrictions,established by the law for children and adolescents.As part of the Net of Love program,sponsors become a fundamental part of the program and greatly hepl garantee the succes of the sponcerd child.

Sponsor Plan Grain of Hope:

With your monthly contribution of $30 you will help guarantee three meals a day for a week to one of our children in the Family Program. You will receive a donation certificate annually with the sum of your support, and have quarterly reports on progress and achievements in the general programs that are possible with your help.


Sponsor Plan Net of Love:

By network strategy, a leader is commited to the welfare of a child. You can form a «net of love» within your family and friends, of up to 10 people, with a social sense, to commit together and donate.

The group will be responsible to raise U$150 a month for the girl or boy they are sponsoring.. Likewise, be aware of special needs at particular times (christmas, birthdays, school starts, etc.

The leader of the network, will assume the role of being the extension to communicate with all members of the network.

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