Your donation is very important with your contribution we can contribute to the social transformation .


For national donations please

  • Banco: Bancolombia
  • Cuenta: Ahorros
  • Numero: 616-314934-15
  • Nombre: Corporación Sueños y Huellas del Mañana
  • NIT: 900768738-8

International donation:

  • Bank Name: Bancolombia
  • Swift: COLOCOBM
  • Account Number: 616-314934-15
  • Name: Corporación Sueños y Huellas del Mañana
  • NIT: 900768738-8  

Non- monetary donations:

Please Contact us to donate items such as, books, used clothing, food or other. These will either be given directly to the children and familes or sold at the raffle. All donations made will help pay for the cost of everyday projects. info@suenosyhuellas.org

Call: 305 3230465   | info@suenosyhuellas.org  |   Calle 54 # 38-29 2°piso,  Medellin Antioquia

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