About us

We are a non-profit foundation that provides support to children, young women, and families who live in conditions of poverty and vulnerability. Our goal is to aid them in the creation of their life path by providing them with therapy, career assistance, and internships.


Guide, support and empower populations at risk through the management of social projects that manage to direct their life project, for the fulfillment and personal improvement, contributing to social well-being.


In the year 2025, Sueños y Huellas del Mañana will increase its capacity to manage social projects through the effective development of productive projects.

In addition, it will be a recognized institution, nationally and internationally, for its methodological strategy, intervention models and quality of its services with positive results.

Our Founders

This dream began with two dreamers who decided to do something to change the reality of children, young women and families in vulnerable conditions.

Lorena Vasquez

Yanira Castro

She lived in the tenants of Medellín during her childhood and part of her adolescence. Knowing from the inside the needs of those who inhabit those spaces, she decides to start together with Yeinny Yanira Castro a foundation that provides support and protection to children and young women who live in tenants in the city, who are in a vulnerable condition. She is a public accountant by profession, although she has dedicated her life to building and advancing the Sueños y Huellas foundation.

10 years ago she decided to believe in God and started Sueños y Huellas foundation. She motivated Lorena to undertake that dream together, and thus walk by faith and not by sight. She currently lives abroad for family and security reasons. From there she continues to be part of the board of directors, and voluntarily working as an ambassador for the foundation.

Yanira Castro

Our team

Board of Directors

Our footprint

Over time we have been able to improve the team of professionals who help us train and support the population that we serve. We will continue with the  intention of improve our team to help more people.

Medellín – Colombia
Tel: +57 305 323 0465
Carrera: 48 # 62-64 Prado Centro