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Born in Venezuela and forced to leave her country, she arrives in Colombia with a complex situation. She and her husband were without work and with the responsibility of taking care of their son. He arrives at the foundation where he found support and help in Know the whole story

A woman who from a very young age was a sex worker, living in realities that few have known. It’s been several years since she was able to get out of there. Here he tells us his story.

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Valentina Galvis Giraldo

Natalia Rodriguez

Alejandra García Zuluaga

He joined the foundation in 2016 with problems related to drug addiction and without a life plan, of course. During his process he went through psychological interventions, educational workshops and other supports.

He is currently finishing his studies at the Luis Amigó University in the city of Medellín, where he is studying for a degree in early childhood education.

“I thank the foundation because they have been with me since day 1 and continue to be, regardless of the fact that 7 years have passed,” says Alejandra.

Her native country is Venezuela, but due to the situation in the country, she had to emigrate to Colombia with her husband and two children (Milagros and Daniel), where they lived in a small room. Her husband went out to the streets to sell sweets and red wines, among other things. However, Nancy did not want to go out to work and have her children continue to be on the street all day, seeing drugs,

prostitution and more. One day he went to the foundation, asked and was able to enroll his children in the program called “Family Childhood.”

Now her children are studying, receiving support and company at the foundation, while she and her husband work.

Now they are living in a rented house, where they can be more comfortable and in a safer environment for their children.



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