Our way

We began to travel this path as a foundation in 2014. Many things have happened along the way, but they have all been worth it because we have been able to help many people.

Each year has had something to highlight, something very special and here we share it with you, because you are undoubtedly part of this path.

Timeline SHM (2014/2023)

In this year our history begins, specifically on July 31, when legal status is granted to the Corporation by the ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare).


         In addition, we adapted our first headquarters, where we attended to many children and young people.

We launched our project Bandera Niñez en Familia

  • We made an Alliance with the Colombian Friends of the Netherlands Foundation, to start the pilot test of the Una mano en el Camino project

  • We design our website

  • We held our first institutional bazaar, in order to collect funds to support our projects, through the sale of different things such as clothing, accessories and others.

In order to improve and grow, we continue working to make it possible. And this was the most significant of this year:

  • We create institutional alliances to strengthen projects

  • We created Plan Padrino as a way to help children who live in tenements in Medellín.

  • We created and inaugurated the productive unit called “Lili a la Carta” in search of obtaining resources to sustain the foundation.

  • We participated and were selected in the contest for the strengthening of Associative Units of the Secretariat of Economic Development of the Municipality of Medellín, executed by the Interactuar Corporation.

  • We participated in the Live Carnival and Speaker Festival with the productive unit, Lili a la Carte.

  • Award in the call for social projects of the Konecta Foundation

This was a very special year because our work was becoming known beyond our city.


  • We received accreditation and permanence in the special regime, according to the DIAN tax reform
  • We were approved for a corporate headquarters on loan with the Medellín Mayor’s Office for five years. This means that we would change headquarters to a larger one.
  • We had our accounting up to date and under international financial reporting standards (IFRS)

Without a doubt, this year was magical, because we were able to fulfill the dream of children and young people, of visiting the sea for the first time.

We also began with the adaptation of our new headquarters, which is the one we currently have.

This was an unusual year, however we were able to help many families in different ways.

  • We launched the Casa Esperanza project, with which we helped families who were living in tenements in the city and lived from the newspaper. We were able to give them housing and food during this year.

  • Provide food and economic support to the beneficiaries, during the pandemic

  • We created an alliance to strengthen the Embera Project, a project that seeks to help indigenous people who were displaced by violence.
  • We made new business, educational and institutional alliances that benefit the participants of the foundation.
  • We strengthen ties and form a close relationship with protection institutions in the metropolitan area.
  • We registered and were approved by the Unique Registry of Proponents (RUP)

We continue with the dream of helping many more people and improving everything we do, so this year:

  • We opened the production unit “Transformation Project”. Which seeks to attract international volunteers and promote healthy and active tourism.
  • We were approved for the loan for the Casa Embera project.
  • We launched the Knot Bound productive unit, which allowed the young beneficiaries to work and generate their resources.
  •  We agreed on a strategic alliance for the project called House of Dreams, with which we seek to finance the maintenance and growth of the foundation.

Medellín – Colombia
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