Our Projects

Family childhood

We help children who live in inquilinatos in Medellín, while we empower their families to improve their quality of life. We provide them with food, education and a safe environment to grow and develop.


Children between the ages of 6 and 12, whose families live in tenements, are more vulnerable to problems such as drug trafficking, sexual abuse, and child exploitation.


For this reason, with the Family Childhood program, we help children who live in these spaces, who receive support to enter schools, academic tutoring, recreational activities, food and psychological support.

A hand

We provide psychosocial support, training and personal empowerment, and academic support to young women between the ages of 16 and 24, who have graduated from psychoactive substance use protection and rehabilitation programs.


With this we try to prevent relapses and contribute to the formation and foundation of your life project as a productive person in society.

Convenio, formación laboral

Pasantía, una semana de reconocimiento de la empresa y perfil laboral.

1 semana

Convenio de medio


4 horas

Convenio de tiempo completo.

8 horas


Auxilio de transporte

(a la joven)



Traveling and getting to know Medellín while helping and learning from the local population is what we do in our project for international volunteers.


Through this, we promote healthy and close tourism. In addition to raising resources for the support and maintenance of other projects.


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We contribute and assist the Embera population, who have been displaced by violence in their territories, so that they have a safe space, with educational accompaniment and promoter of the dignity of their craft work as a source of income for their maintenance.


Casa Embera offers children’s after school programs, adult staff and professional development classes, fair trade workshops, and medical nutritional assistance.


Medellín – Colombia
Tel: +57 305 323 0465
Carrera: 48 # 62-64 Prado Centro