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Who are we ?


Is an entity that does not seek profit. Our mission objective is to guide and support a population that is currently in a situation of social risk that threatens or infringes upon their ability to overcome obstacles and realize themselves for the benefit of social welfare. This will be accomplished through the strategic lines of prevention, protection, and restitution of rights.

This enterprise aims to be an internationally recognized model to other organizations for our methodologic strategies and quality of services.s.



Currently we are advancing our goal through the projectUna Mano en el Camino”. This project’s goal is to provide psychosocial support and administrative guidance through the use of communication, academic networks, and workplace networks within the process of social reintegration.

These services will be provided to youth ages sixteen to twenty two years of age who have gone through programs designed for the rehabilitation and protection of those who have a history with psychoactive substances.

The ultimate goal of this project is to prevent relapses and to lay the foundation for their life maps as productive members of society

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